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Business Consulting

All consulting engagements begin with a long conversation about where you are, how you got here, and where you want to go. All solutions are the result of applying best practices and a lifetime of business experience to your circumstances.

Here are some reasons people seek out the help of a business consultant:

New Business Start-Ups

Want to be your own boss?  Buying an existing business?  Starting one from scratch?  Buying a franchise?

An initial consultation with The M&D Group can literally save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.  Although you may start a business once or twice in your life, we have experience with hundreds of start-ups.  We offer the wisdom of experience and an objective perspective on your proposed venture. Consultation with us will usually save you both time and money.

“I asked The M&D Group for advice on how to start my own practice and build it.   Doug’s guidance helped  me reach a high level of success much more quickly than I would have been able to reach on my own.  He’s a real expert!”

–Dr. Michael Gorman; Gorman Optimal Health Center; Fairless Hills, PA

mailicon Online Marketing Tools from Constant Contact


Constant Contact is the leading provider of Email Marketing and related products for small businesses and non-profits in the US and Canada. Click on the banner and obtain a free trial today. Have a question? Call 215-630-3538 or email:

The M&D Group, Inc. has earned the Constant Contact All-Star Award 5 consecutive years since 2014.  This award is given to the top 10% of Constant Contact email marketers and recognizes the measurable level of engagement they’ve achieved.  We are very pleased to consistently appear at the top!


“Graceful Senior Solutions has benefitted tremendously from working with Doug Scé and Constant Contact. As a senior living placement and advisory service, we are seeking to convey our message to families, specifically the adult children of elderly parent(s). When we first started in business over two years ago, I turned to Doug to help reach these prospective clients through email marketing. His expertise and knowledge of Constant Contact helped us to get started and stay on the proper track with this concept right from the very beginning. Approximately every month, Doug designs an electronic newsletter which we send to our database of several hundred prospective clients and stakeholders. We have been very pleased with the percentage of recipients who read the newsletter and have used the links to visit our website. This increased visibility for our business has generated new clients and revenue that we would not have had otherwise!

I enthusiastically recommend Doug Scé and Constant Contact to any business, large or small. They provide outstanding services that generate positive results at a very reasonable price.”

–Clark Shuster; Graceful Senior Solutions

Cost Reduction

The fastest way to bring more dollars to the bottom line and put them in your pocket is to reduce costs.  Our cost reduction methods have been developed over the
past 35 years—we find ways to help you maintain the same quality of service or product while helping you reduce your costs.  We have done this in our own
business and for many clients!  You don’t need more sales to increase your profits!

Increase Your Sales

Top line growth is very important to your business.  Many business owners and managers are too busy with the daily activities required to run their business to create the strategies necessary to take their business to a higher level of sales.

We have created many marketing plans for clients who have succeeded in taking their business to a higher level of sales.

We have trained sales personnel to increase their contacts and sales with proven techniques that work!

We also specialize in creating Targeted Marketing programs so that your time is spent on the right prospects and your sales appointments.

“Years ago we asked The M&D Group to help us reach a new market to expand our business.  Doug took the time to understand our business and the customer we wanted to reach.  Then we asked him to supervise the creation of new marketing materials.  The result was new marketing materials that immediately brought us the results we wanted.  We couldn’t be happier!”

–Ed MacConnell, President, EMA Group, Inc.

Is your message clear? Branding…

How often have you communicated with a business in which their website, logo, brochures and ads all look like they represent different companies.

Do your prospects really know what you do?  If they have seen your ad or logo, do they recognize it as yours?

Your brand can be your biggest marketing asset.  The lack of a proper branding plan can cause you to over-spend on marketing and advertising because you are not obtaining any residual effect.  We help our clients create an image and a message that enhances their position in the market.  Your message must be recognizable
and consistent in all media!

“I have no problem making cold calls, but have never been comfortable telling my own story.  The M&D Group helped me clarify my message and create
a brand that clearly and cleverly conveys my message in a memorable way.  It works!”

–Mike Hilbert, President, Sales Solutions, Inc.

Business Plans

Every business owner has heard that a business plan is essential to success, yet very few actually have one.  It’s not surprising; most have never written a business plan and would have to invest valuable time to create one.

The M&D Group has provided business plans to many different types of businesses all over the US.  We are experienced in preparing business plans that have been approved for financing by SBA program lenders as well as conventional lenders.  Whether you need the plan for your own use or for financing, The M&D Group is an excellent resource for your business plan!

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying or selling a business is a complicated task. We have helped individuals acquire existing businesses and we have helped business owners sell their business.

The M&D Group has strategic partnerships with business mergers and acquisitions firms to help our clients locate businesses they want to buy.  Since we work with experienced firms, our clients do not waste time with businesses that are not appropriate.

When it comes to selling, we help our clients prepare their businesses properly in order to sell the business for what it’s truly worth!

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, it’s not too soon to have a consultation and begin the process!

“The M&D Group helped me build up my business and then sell it for top dollar.  I couldn’t be happier.”

–Joe Pintimalli, Southampton, PA